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Simon’s Secret Sauce

There's nothing mysterious about the flavor of our ingredients. Simon's Secret Sauce has a flavor so fresh, healthy, and delicious, you'll put it on everything!

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gluten free


Original Flavor

The "OG" this sauce is a completely different experience with your food. Don't settle for anything but the best when it comes to tangy and sweet flavors that will have everyone asking what kind of magic was used in making your food!

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Variety Pack

 The Original is just enough tanginess for anything from steak to asparagus. Truffle has so many flavor-enhancing ingredients giving the perfect balance of sweet and salty goodness on your dinner dishes. The Spicy adding a little spice to your food with a nice kick at the end of every bite.

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Life is busy, and sometimes you don't have time to spice up your staple meals you make every week. But Simon's Secret Sauce has got your back. Add our sauces to any meal to make it more exciting with one of Simons yummy sauces! If were being honest, it'll take your meal to the next level! It urges you to be at peace with what you've got and put together something delicious. Keep some on hand for whatever needs flavor in your life.

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Quality you can taste

We're passionate about sauces that are good for you and your family. All of the ingredients in Simons Secret Sauce are grown by farmers who care deeply about our planet. Our sauces are 100% vegan! The recipe for all 3 flavors doesn’t have any eggs,nuts, or dairy of any kind which means all our sauces will taste delicious no matter how far away from home they come.We take pride in helping deliver delicious meals to households across America!

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Our Story

Simon Mashian is the founder of Simon's Secret Sauce, a new company founded during the pandemic. A pioneer in the hospitality industry, Simon went to University of Nevada, Las Vegas and studied Hospitality Management with an emphasis on Food and Beverage.

It was always his dream to open his own restaurant, and he thought no better time than during the pandemic. Being unable to eat out inspired him to get creative when cooking meals at home for him and his wife, Mona. In October 2020, Simon's Secret Sauce began production and he started selling the bottles from his home. Now you can purchase his bottles through this website with shipping throughout the U.S.


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