Simon's Secret Sauce: A Complete Overview

Simon's Secret Sauce: A Complete Overview

If you’re like me, then you know that sauce makes everything taste better. In fact, I'd argue that sauce is the best part of every meal - you can never get too much. Just think about it: french fries, pasta, burgers, even vegetables… all of which taste even better when you add special sauce.

Sometimes the problem is choosing which sauce to add to your meal. The options seem endless, and there doesn’t seem to be a special sauce that works with everything (although ranch is pretty close).

What if I told you that there was a secret sauce that goes with everything… and I mean everything. Simon’s Secret Sauce is so fresh and so delicious, it takes every meal to the next level. Trust me when I say you can put it on your burgers, pastas, and even in your omelets!

The Facts

100% Vegan

All three delicious flavors of Simon’s Secret Sauce are NOT made with any eggs or dairy, making them all 100% vegan. This means that there’s absolutely no mayonnaise in any of them (amazing, right?).

100% Gluten Free

Each high quality ingredient in Simon’s Secret Sauces was hand chosen to create the healthiest, most delicious sauce for anyone to enjoy. Their sauces are 100% gluten free and non-GMO, regardless of the flavor. 

100% Keto

Arguably one of the most popular diets right now, the keto diet (low carbs) can be tricky to follow. Make all your keto meals taste even better with Simon’s Secret Sauces’ 100% keto formula.

The Flavors

Simons Secret Sauce. Three Flavors. Spicy. Truffle. Original


Starting off with the classic, the Original Flavor is a delicious lemony/tangy sauce that is perfect for anyone. Balancing sweet and tangy flavors, the Original is a can go on just about whatever food you can think of.


With all the same delicious lemon tangy flavors as the Original, the Spicy Flavor adds healthy natural peppers to kick things up a little bit. Don’t worry though, the spice isn’t overpowering - it’s the perfect level.


Simon’s Secret Sauce Truffle Flavor adds a fancy flair to any meal. Sourced from high quality ingredients, the truffles add a unique umami flavor to the Original.


Try all three flavors yourself with Simon’s Secret Sauces’ Variety Pack! You can also purchase each flavor individually.

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