What food should I try this with first?

Before trying with any food - I would try it with a spoon! The sauce talks to you - and it literally goes with everything (except sweets)!

What weird combinations would be surprisingly delicious?

Most people wouldn't think this would be great with vegetables - but it is delicious as a dipping sauce to either raw or cooked veggies.

Would this taste better with chicken wings or steak?

Is this a trick question??? We like to toss our chicken wings with the sauce, but some like to dip their wings or steak in it.

How would this taste with ice cream? Coffee? Chocolate?

We wouldn't try it, but to each their own!

What are the ingredients? Can I identify them by taste?

You can really taste all the ingredients! Original - Spicy brown mustard, lemon juice, garlic, dill relish, sweet relish, crushed red peppers, black pepper, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion, grape seed oil, light soybean oil, and distilled white vinegar. Spicy - Add red jalapeno, green jalapeno, serrano peppers, habanero peppers, and cayenne pepper Truffle - Add truffle infused olive oil

Could I identify this sauce in a blind taste test

This sauce is the only kind like it. Once you taste it - you will be able to identify it - it is very different!

How would this be eaten for breakfast? Brunch?

This is a great addition to avocado toast, eggs, and even a breakfast sandwich.

How would I make this gourmet?

This would be really nice as a sauce that goes underneath the main item of a dish and can be played with to make it look nice.

Could I beat Bobby Flay with this sauce?

Absolutely! I'll take on anyone with this sauce!

Does this sauce taste different with my eyes closed?

Eyes open or shut, it will hit every taste bud in your mouth!

Help! I'm addicted, Do you have a SSS fan club?

I’m addicted too! Follow us on Instagram to be part of the club!

Is Simon's Secret Sauce good with fish?

Yes, Amazing with fish - amazing with everything!

Do you have a secret menu?

Shhhh....it’s a secret!

Why does Simon's secret sauce taste so good?

It is made with LOVE!

What's the secret ingredient that makes SSS taste so good?

Shhhh...that’s also a secret!

Can I eat Simon's secret sauce if I'm pescatarian?

Yes! Simon’s Secret Sauce is Vegan!

I have a nut allergy Is Simon's secret sauce safe for me to eat?

Yes! No nuts here, however, the sauce is made in a facility that may contain nuts.

Where is Simon's secret sauce made?

The good ol’ U S of A! Los Angeles, California!

Is Simon's secret sauce keto friendly?

It sure is!

Can I fit Simon's secret sauce into my keto diet?

Absolutely! Many of our sauce lovers use this as part of their keto diet.

Where's my order? I ordered Simon's secret sauce last night When will it arrive?

Let me find out! BRB... we ship within 1 business day of purchase and use priority mail. Should take 1-3 business days depending on where you live. Sometimes it may take longer for reasons beyond our control.

Can I use Simon's secret sauce on a sandwich?

Duhhhhh! You can use it on anything!

What are the health benefits of eating Simon's secret sauce?

This has not been evaluated by the FDA but many say it enhances their mood!

How hot is spicy Simon's secret sauce? Do you have a scoville rating?

We didn’t want it to be too spicy where it’s a hot sauce - it just the right amount of spice!

Who is Simon? Is Simon a real person?

Who me?

Does Simon's secret sauce taste good with falafel?

OMG! Unreal!

How long does Simon's secret sauce keep in the fridge?

5-6 weeks - but I haven’t known anyone to not finish their bottle in that amount of time!