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This stuff is sooooo good.
i’m putting it on everything.

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  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • Non-GMO


Our sauce is a delicious blend of our homemade vegan mayonnaise, mustard seed, lemon juice, garlic, dill relish, sweet relish, ripe crushed chili peppers, black pepper, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion, grape seed oil, light soybean oil and distilled white vinegar. This combination of ingredients delivers a flavor profile not comparable to any other sauce.

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frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients? Can I identify them by taste?

Original- Spicy brown mustard, lemon juice, garlic, dill relish, sweet relish, crushed red peppers, black pepper, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion, grape seed oil, light soybean oil, and distilled white vinegar.

Spicy- Add red jalapeno, green jalapeno, serrano peppers, habanero peppers, and cayenne pepper.

Truffle- Add truffle infused olive oil.

You can really taste all the ingredients!

What are the nutrition facts?

The nutrition facts are located in image gallery at the top of the page. If you still can't find them, you can also view our full nutrition fact label here.

Are there any eggs or dairy in your ingredients?

No, our sauces are 100% vegan! The recipe for all 3 flavors does not have any eggs or dairy of any kind. *This also means we do not use any mayonnaise.

How "hot" is spicy Simon's secret sauce?

We didn’t want it to be too spicy where it’s a hot sauce - it just the right amount of spice!

How many Weight Watchers points are in each serving?

Each serving of Simon's Secret Sauceis 1WW point.* Please refer to our nutrition facts, each serving has 45 calories, 4.5g of fat, and no dietary fiber.

Can I eat Simon's secret sauce if I'm pescatarian?

Yes! Simon’s Secret Sauce is Vegan!

Can I fit Simon's secret sauce into my keto diet?

Absolutely! Many of our sauce lovers use this as part of their keto diet.

How would this be eaten for breakfast? Brunch?

This is a great addition to avocado toast, eggs, and even a breakfast sandwich.

*All sauces are Kosher but not certified.

This sauce has not been evaluated by the FDA but many say it enhances their mood!